mushrooms, fungi and toadstools

I’m still learning the difference between mushrooms, toadstools and fungus- I do have one solid rule to go by: all mushrooms and toadstools are fungus.  I did, however, learn a few facts about them today:  fungi are actually closer to animals than plants despite the study of it being classified under botany (due to the fact that they do not rely on sunlight for basic survival or at all, really) and yet are considered neither.   Toadstools and mushrooms are produced by fungus.  Mushrooms are usually dull in color and safe to eat whereas toadstools are brightly colored and poisonous.  lastofseptphotos 028 lastofseptphotos 023 lastofseptphotos 044 september17th2014 031 september17th2014 028 september17th2014 035 september17th2014 044 september17th2014 047 september17th2014 060 september17th2014 064



I’ve always been into altering existing objects- particularly t-shirts and jewelry. These earrings originally had silver tear drop metal pieces (they’re shown at the bottom of the photo) and I decided that while they were quite pretty, I wanted to make them a bit more flash. I have some beautiful Peruvian Opal beads lying around and so I replaced the tear drop pieces with those and added some red beads. What have you been up-cycling lately?

Home Sweet Home

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Having colorful walls is one of my favorite ways to make a statement in my home, as is having pretty planters for the many plants that reside in my house.  When it came to my books I decided to organize them in a different fashion than normal- by color.  I figured since I have so many of them and they’re a main feature, I might as well turn them into decor as well- this is also a great tip for those who have limited space and items.  What are your favorite ways to decorate your home?



Five Things it’s socially Acceptable to do in Gloucester but Nowhere Else


I totally agree with this!!!

Originally posted on The Gloucester Clam:

A few years ago, we were driving off on vacation with the fam in the minivan. Once we got past the malls our wife let out a huge sigh. “This is the furthest I’ve been over the bridge in six months,” she said. This was an exception during a particularly busy time, but it does serve as an example of how insular our little burg can become. Our isolation can lead to misunderstandings as our habits and customs do not always track with what those on the outside would consider “normal” or even in many cases “particularly sane”.

As a public service The Clam offers a short list of five things we do here and nowhere else. Take note if forced to interact with people from further away than Exit 14.

1. Carry Dunkins Cups Everywhere When we would do a thing called “stay out late” we once bore witness to an…

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