Woodland Wonder

Woodland Wonder

Seasonal transition, for me, is fantastic. It is a source of excitement, a source of hope and an inspiration for me. I find myself easily distracted but once settled I have ample amounts of ideas for my many creative impulses. What do you love best about seasonal transitions?

Where the land meets the sea.

Where the land meets the sea.

It’s been pointed out to be way more than once that I find beauty in strange places and this is no exception. I looked beyond the decrepit and see lines, shapes, textures. Always textures. This happens to be right next to a rail line for the MBTA here in Gloucester. I’ve always viewed it from a kayak and this time I trudged through the snow and onto the rocks for an up close look at this beautiful landscape.

Valentines Day, what else?

Valentines Day, what else?

I have the Valentines Day fever! Took me by surprise, really. And yet, here I find myself, writing up cards and cutting out hearts, for my two Valentines: Sprocket the dog and my soon to be husband, Chris. Enjoy your day- might I suggest going outside? Especially if you live in a beach town- the waves were gorgeous this morning.