DIY Packing Tape Ink Transfers

One of my favorite lessons in art school was about acrylic ink transfers. I used them for my sketchbooks, paintings and sculptures. I put them in glass panes and put them up in my windows in lieu of stained glass. Then one night, after too little sleep and too much wine I start playing around with packing tape and magazine pages. It’s the simplest, quickest ink transfer and easily the most rewarding. All you need is:

packing tape

magazine pages




towel (for drying)

vessel for soaking- sink or otherwise

To begin with, pick the images that you want to transfer. I like to pick random sections and either leave them as single strips or take those single strips and recreate the magazine image. I did this for a sketchbook cover (but that’s a picture for my next post!) Then cut them out.

2132015 009

I used Hi-Fructose for mine (sort of made me cringe a little cutting it up but I’m trying to hoard art magazines SLIGHTLY less and figured it’s all for a fantastic cause.) For any of you who haven’t yet seen this magazine, go find a copy. They’re beautiful, with thicker pages than you’d expect for a magazine, and stunning art work.

At this point, it’s time for a quick, 5 minute soak in warm, soapy water. I always use dish soap- nothing specific needed. I would, however, advise against bar soap as it takes a bit more to make a lather for your vessel of choosing. For your soaking vessel, you can use a bowl or the sink- I used a baking dish as it could accommodate all of my strips (and because I lost my sink stopper.)

2132015 012

2132015 015

 My favorite part of the process is peeling the paper off: unlike acrylic transfers, peeling the paper off of the packing tape is much easier- it takes no time at all and is not a delicate process. You just peel and reveal the prettiness underneath. You can see if there is still paper on the ink transfer if you see a bit of whiteness; just keeping smudging your finger over it until it lifts. Here’s an image of it in process:

2132015 017

Once you’ve peeled all of the paper off, just rinse any soap off and pat dry. That’s all there is to it!

2132015 020

At this point I used a strainer to catch the paper shredded in the water- no need for that to go down the drain. For an added up-cycling bonus, you can use these paper shreds to make, well, paper with, if you so choose.

2132015 021

This is from 2 strips of paper- as you can see, it’s not much but I believe the philosophy is “waste not, want not.” I’d love to see what beautiful transfers you create- be sure to post your projects on instagram and tag them with #knowloveknowcolor for a chance to be reposted on my site, @knowloveknowhope  xo, Ev.

mushrooms, fungi and toadstools

I’m still learning the difference between mushrooms, toadstools and fungus- I do have one solid rule to go by: all mushrooms and toadstools are fungus.  I did, however, learn a few facts about them today:  fungi are actually closer to animals than plants despite the study of it being classified under botany (due to the fact that they do not rely on sunlight for basic survival or at all, really) and yet are considered neither.   Toadstools and mushrooms are produced by fungus.  Mushrooms are usually dull in color and safe to eat whereas toadstools are brightly colored and poisonous.  lastofseptphotos 028 lastofseptphotos 023 lastofseptphotos 044 september17th2014 031 september17th2014 028 september17th2014 035 september17th2014 044 september17th2014 047 september17th2014 060 september17th2014 064



I’ve always been into altering existing objects- particularly t-shirts and jewelry. These earrings originally had silver tear drop metal pieces (they’re shown at the bottom of the photo) and I decided that while they were quite pretty, I wanted to make them a bit more flash. I have some beautiful Peruvian Opal beads lying around and so I replaced the tear drop pieces with those and added some red beads. What have you been up-cycling lately?

Home Sweet Home

canonrebel1stround 020 canonrebel1stround 029 canonrebel1stround 035


Having colorful walls is one of my favorite ways to make a statement in my home, as is having pretty planters for the many plants that reside in my house.  When it came to my books I decided to organize them in a different fashion than normal- by color.  I figured since I have so many of them and they’re a main feature, I might as well turn them into decor as well- this is also a great tip for those who have limited space and items.  What are your favorite ways to decorate your home?